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What Employers and Hires Must Expect from the Shortage


Whether you are a healthcare employer or a prospective nurse, we must all reckon with the nursing shortage. It remains a pressing issue for the growing senior population and stressed care system in the country. And unlike other industries, there’s no way to reduce the demand for nursing care. As your partner in healthcare staffing in East Hampton, Connecticut, Quality Nursing Services LLC would like to walk you through some things we must expect and how we play a role in tackling this continuing problem.

First, some background. Based on projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the country needs over a million registered nurses to adequately meet patient care needs by 2030. Aside from that, 65,700 LPNs, 110,700 nurse practitioners, 6,200 nurse anesthetists, and 800 nurse midwives must be hired. To rapidly and effectively fill such vacancies, you need the help of an experienced provider of medical staffing in Connecticut.

In light of struggles to meet health reform requirements, the rising number of senior citizens, and climbing rates of nurse retirement, we can expect the following things to happen:

  • Nurse burnout will be a major problem. A low nurse-to-patient ratio leads many practitioners to experience health problems, heavy workloads, and a high probability of quitting. This leaves many patients suffering from inadequate care.
  • Waiting times may lengthen. Fewer nurses mean fewer people to attend to patients. In an attempt to cater to more people in need, some care facilities may risk sacrificing the quality of health assessments and provision, again causing subpar care outcomes.
  • More patients will experience medication errors. Without adequate staff, cases will not get enough attention to rectify problems in providing care. This can be lethal for many patients.

With these sobering facts, the call for placing qualified personnel in much-needed nursing roles has never been more urgent. Fortunately, our staffing solutions make the process easier for both employers and prospective employees. This is our contribution to maintaining quality nursing services in the face of this crisis.

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